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More Bad, Good, Ugly

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A really vital tool is a good circular saw. A powerful light one, that fits one’s hand best. I thought this one was it. It was THE WORST SAW for it simply would NOT keep its Depth-of-Cut!

Sold by HomeDepot, it started malfunctioning 2-weeks into framing. After 1-year of nonsense, I returned it to pay for its repair.

6/20/2018 That was 2-months ago, and still no word! Its “lifetime warranted” and not cheap at $89.

Imagine…its sold as a “pro” tool with that warranty, but what “pro” could lose a tool for that long? No…”I’m sorry”, “no we’ll give you a loaner”, nope…nothing! After calling the store’s Manager to have him intercede, it was just more run-around!

Maybe the boat from China has the broken(?) part, but next time I will gladly go buy my tools at HarborFreight, for break-they-will. At least one can just, though sadly, simply try to self-fix or throw them away without losing time or money!

HomeDepot should spend less $$$ on NASCAR, and instead, try selling REAL “pro” tools, so it wouldn’t seem like a Target-store, instead of the good-old Builder’s Supply it was! Today its successful ONLY… for its “deals” & Return Policy!

Its a RIDGID Fuego 12 Amp 6-1/2 in. Magnesium Compact Framing Circular Saw.

8/07/2018 This morning, a day after calling the Manager, he calls to say “the parts are in our Georgia Repair Shop, they are fixing it under Warranty, and it will be here in 2-weeks”.

Imagine, that would be 3-months to repair a simple spring mechanism for a tool that’s got a “lifetime warranty”?! He also said “he has no more such 6 1/4”* saws in his store”??

And…“would take $50 off a RIDGID 7 1/2” saw, should I want to buy one”.  Haa. I told him…go read my website’s GARBAGE page, and my “POOR” review for my saw on HD’s own website, and my Facebook Group page (Self-Build Cool Florida ECOhomes), instead.

I will go get my repaired saw, if it EVER arrives, and seldom use it, except to tell everyone this painful story!! Folks, don’t be FOOLED as I was, that HomeDepot sells tools meant for “pros”. Do as I suggested above.

*Its a 6 1/2” saw, but it didn’t seem to register with his decades of building experience,  Haaaaa…FAT chance of that, if you saw the guy. With Apologies to all heavy-boned REAL Builder-dudes ))) Like me?!

8/08/2018 Oh my Goodness! I went to that store to verify the Manager’s story, and…its GONE!!

 The Dept.’s Manager said “its because of poor sales”. Haaa… In all Honesty, I LOVED that sort of saw. For most all purposes, a 7 1/2’’ Circular is just over-kill. And weighs a TON. Work that all day, and see how you feel!

That 6 1/2” can 45°-cut a 2x, and that’s about the most it has to! And it draws only 12 amp (good for Solar-Powered Generators, which I use) and is lighter and more-ergonomic to handle. What a loss for “pros”!

Guess that’s how Big-Ass RETAIL Corporations operate! More about $$$ than providing the right products. One has to love ‘em, or…what??? There are NO MORE REAL Lumberyards in SW FL I know of. Maybe… Raymond Lumber? Maybe 84-Lumber? Maybe BFS-Builders First Source? BFS, however, is a poor excuse, unless your a National McMansion/ Production Builder.

Maybe that’s why Jesus and Siddharta hand-cut and hand-hammered everything? But with #2 SYP they sure would NOT! )))

LAST POST…will be when I receive back my repaired saw. I post regularly about all things SELF-BUILDING on Facebook . Come add your Project and BUILDING exploits?!


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